Marquee is a technology company offering innovative, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic solutions enabling the deployment of Cellular 5G Small Cell, Micro and Macro sites into the world’s main streets.

Marquee also offers fully integrated solutions for Smart City deployments such as brand agnostic LED Street Lights retrofitted and integrated with surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi and various sensors.

Marquee believes our patented smart light solution and patent pending SMARTCELL platforms will receive wide adoption rates in the Cellular and Smart City deployments.

Today’s communications networks are fragmented with singular service offerings across multiple devices, digital signs and kiosks on specialized and targeted market segments

  • 5G technologies
  • Wi-Fi
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Smart City Sensors

Integration of various “smart” services and 5G technologies, at the street level, present a huge challenge as designs and usable spaces were not intended to be deployed and work together. Cost and complexity of deployments is out of control.

As a result, Marquee Wireless has developed and offers two aesthetically pleasing solutions to assist in the quick deployment of Cellular Networks and Smart City applications.

SMARTCELL – Patented

    • 4G/4.5G/5G platform
    • Smart Kiosk/Advertising
    • Displays Surveillance Cameras/Emergency Station

SMARTnode – Patented

    • Integrated “any-street light” solution
    • Wi-Fi, Camera, Sensors, IoT node