MARQUEE offers solutions for Cellular and Smart City deployments with available Business “B & M” zoned locations with innovative, esthetically pleasing, ergonomic platforms.

Our SMARTCELL™ platform features unprecedented availability of space in a very small footprint to deploy typical LTE and 5G Cellular MACRO or Micro sites into a single modular structure.

Presently, the Company has under management over 26,000 locations nationwide.

  • Public Entities
  • Private businesses
  • MDU’s
  • City Assets

MARQUEE partners with cities, Muni’s and Private Entities

  • Big Box stores
  • Fast food restaurants (BK, Wendy’s, KFC, etc.)
  • Malls
  • Gas Stations

MARQUEE would ONLY build suitable locations based upon the Carrier’s RF plans. We obtain permits, deploy, construct and custom configure the SMARTCELL™

MARQUEE provides and builds Power and Fiber connections and custom designs and configurations where needed.

Communications networks are fragmented with singular service offerings across multiple devices, digital signs and kiosks on specialized and targeted market segments.

  • Smart Cities
  • 5G Technologies
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kiosks
  • Digital Signs
  • Surveillance Cameras

Integration of various “smart” services and 5G technologies, at the street level, present a huge challenge as designs and useable spaces were not intended to be deployed and work together.

SMARTCELL™ – Patented Design

    • LTE/5G platform
    • Smart Kiosk/Advertising
    • Displays Surveillance Cameras/Emergency Station

SMARTnode – Patented Design

    • Integrated “any-street light” solution
    • Wi-Fi, Camera, Sensors, IoT node