Marquee Wireless offers a complete system networking solution.

Marquee has developed and offers two esthetically pleasing solutions to assist in the quick deployment of Cellular Networks and Smart City applications.

SMARTCELL™ – Patented design & features

  • LTE/5G platform
  • Smart Kiosk
  • Advertising Displays
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Emergency Station


Esthetically pleasing, technically superior solution.

Single day installation.

Large space for high power equipment to add capacity and coverage range.

MARQUEE obtains permits, installs and deploy SMARTCELL’s turn-key.

The SMARTCELL™ offers an environmentally protected power plant.

If requested, MARQUEE also deliver fiber circuits to the location.

The MARQUEE small-MACRO Solution stacks equipment vertically.

BENEFIT: The real estate need for the deployment of cell sites is negligible.

Construction of the SMARTCELL™ is very quick as the platform is prefabricated and ready for installation.

SMARTnode – Patented design offers

  • Integrated “any-street light” solution
  • Wi-Fi
  • Camera
  • Sensors
  • IoT node

SMARTCELLs and SMARTnodes can be networked together to provide a very robust solution to Cellular and Smart City applications.


LTE/5G multi-tenant design, customized with choice of colors or graphics, kiosk. Video Surveillance Cameras, Wi-Fi AP, Environmental Sensors, Gun detection, EV Charging Station, Emergency Button

3x MACRO version
Antenna compartment suitable for large panel antennas
Power Plant ready for distribution of AC or DC (optional)
Battery backup (optional)
UV resistant Polycarbonate Panels (UL94/UL972)
Polycarbonate – millimeter wave suitable
115 MPH – ASCE Category 1, Hurricane rated (optional)
TIA-222, AASHTO, Local Jurisdiction
NEMA Environmentally controlled (optional)

Marquee also offers space for Mobile Edge deployments.

5G Networks advertise fast speed and availability of multimedia applications. Data latency needs to be improved as data processing facilities are too far from the network’s edge. Real-time processing needs to reside at the “edge of the network” much closer to the end user.

Marquee will optimize network presence at the edge of the network and in near proximity to the small cells or Micro’s offering environmentally controlled rack space with our EDGECELL solution.