Marquee Wireless offers a complete system networking solution.

SMARTCELLs and SMARTnodes can be networked together to provide a very robust solution to the Cellular and Smart City needs with aesthetically pleasing, technically superior solution. Marquee Wireless is currently exclusively managing and leasing MAIN Street locations to MNO’s to assist in the quick deployment of the 4G/5G Networks. We take pride in advertising a single day installation. Our solution offers larger capacity from existing installations on light poles which could add coverage range as we can accommodate large panel antennas in all deployments. Our solution offers an environmentally protected power plant and fiber circuits on demand. Our customized solutions are unique and unprecedented in the cellular industry. Marquee with its experienced team will construct, obtain permits, install and provide turn-key site configurations upon request.

Our SMARTnode Patented Solution is an aesthetic, intelligent solution that saves space and allows for smart communications in the world’s busy streets and neighborhoods. We take pride to integrate “any brand” with our streamlined SMARTnode as we facilitate most of smart city features and needs.

Features such as Wi-Fi, Cameras, Sensors, LoRa are enabled with the creation of a smart IoT node at the light.

Marquee also offers space for Mobile Edge deployments.

5G Networks advertise fast speed and availability of multimedia applications. Data latency needs to be improved as data processing facilities are too far from the network’s edge. Real-time processing needs to reside at the “edge of the network” much closer to the end user.

Marquee will optimize network presence at the edge of the network and in near proximity to the small cells or Micro’s offering environmentally controlled rack space with our EDGECELL solution.