President & CEO
Marquee Wireless


A wireless leader, visionary and entrepreneur started his professional career at Airfone the pioneer of Air-to-ground Communications.

Dimitrios pioneered and co-founded USA’s first ever Digital Mobile National wireless network at In-Flight Phone. He also conceived the idea and designed the first ever Satellite-based Mobile live TV solution, now on-board 9,000 aircraft worldwide. Venture value $5B+.

During his tenure as the VP of Implementation and Planning at Nextwave Telecom, he raised $1.4B in vendor financing from a large number of Telecom vendors (Alcatel, Tellabs, Allen Telecom and Celwave). 

Dimitrios has also pioneered the introduction of smart, active cellular antennas in Y2000, and help to raise $30 M for Celletra, to finance the product line and roll-out in the US/Europe markets with first fiber-based product deployments in California for the Verizon Wireless cellular markets.

In 2014, he secured a contract from Boston’s MBTA with inMOTION Wireless (a company he founded), leading a large team of professionals building a 400-mile private wireless network. He sold the company in 2016 to Broadcast Australia (BAI).

Dimitrios is the recipient of multiple technology patents.

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EXECUTIVE Vice President

Marquee Wireless

Terry Crowley

Terry is leading the Sales and Marketing efforts for the Company and currently has under contract over 26,000 locations. 

Terry has over 20 years of experience in the Cellular and wireless Industries being one of the first Cellular retail resellers with multiple store locations in the Chicagoland area, receiving numerous awards for his efforts from multiple wireless Operators. 

Terry is also a partner at Xtivity Solutions, a Premier Wireless Integrator (indoor/outdoor systems) specializing in Municipal and Public venue applications. Terry started his career as a First responder network integrator/reseller. 

Terry received his Business Sales & Marketing Degree from Loyola University in Chicago.


P&L, Business Development, Sales, Strategy, Digital Transformation, M&A

George Guo

Dr. Guo has recently tenured as the Head Executive and has led a Business Unit at Ericsson responsible for mobile networks, 5G, cloud, IoT, AL-ML and digital transformation. 

He also served at Syniverse (a Carlyle company) as its Sales VP & Regional GM. Syniverse provides solutions such as mobile Internet, financial clearing and settlement, enterprise mobility services, IP infrastructure and connectivity. 

George was a founding Member at Neustar, a company providing real-time information and analytics for the Internet, risk, digital performance, and defense, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and also provides clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries.

George also served as the Chief of Technical Operations & IT at Lockheed Martin.

Technology Strategist

Mike Liccone

Mike is an expert in the wireless communications field and has recently architected the world’s smallest and cheapest tri-band WiFi-6 + IoT MEC gateway and has led commercialization of indoor & outdoor MEC gateways through mass production. 

While at Qualcomm he led/designed 15+ small cell HW reference designs for 3G/4G + Wi-Fi, has led/designed world’s smallest Base-station, a USB dongle small cell for 3.5GHz CBRS. 

Other accomplishments include the HW design for 3G+4G residential small cell with 250k+ deployments and the HW design for world’s first Mirasol tablet, commercial launch in <6 mo. 

Mike has received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Delaware.

General Management

Shannon Ethridge

Former VP & GM at Verifone and SVP of First Data Corp.

Executive Management with hands-on experience in Sales, Business Strategy, Application Development, Finance, Strategic Planning and Business Analysis. 

Results-focused leader with proven track record of effective leadership and delivering results. Strong relational and decision-making skills to ensure timely solutions for business challenges. 

Leader who is recognized for building strategic alignment, working collaboratively across a global organization and creating highly engaged teams resulting in consistent strategy execution and superior outcomes. 

Shan obtained his BS in Organizational Management at Crichton College.



Experienced initiator/manager of PPP Research & Innovation projects (on 5G mobile networks, FTTH, backbone and data center Interconnection networks). 

Established academic leader who is offering C-level consulting on business planning & technology trends, while he also acts as ICT policy making adviser (primarily on topics related with 5G and Broadband network strategies)

Over the past 20 years, he has managed teams that participated in industry R&D projects and in a record number of EU-funded projects (over 25 in total; 14 just in FP7) with a consortium-wide leading role (including being Technical Manager of 9 major EU projects with a total budget of over 50M€). 

He has raised over 9M€ in funding (among the top performers in terms of attraction of funding within EU). 

He has served as a member of the Photonics21 PPP and the 5G-PPP/5G-IA.